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Bed bugs are small flattened blood-sucking wingless insects, 4-5 mm in size. They belong to the order of Hemiptera and the family of Cimicidae. There are many species of bed bugs, most are pests of birds, some are pests of bats and others are pests of rodents…

Cockroaches carry many diseases (salmonella, plague, typhus, diarrhea, helminths) and can cause allergies (asthma, skin irritation).


Their presence often causes problems in residential and professional spaces.

The most frequently encountered species of ants are two:

  • The Pharaoh ant
  • and the black ant

They are 1.5-4 mm long, dark reddish-brown in color and wingless. Females lay up to 50 eggs per day and about 600 in total during their lifetime…

During the fertilization stage, females must take a blood meal to grow eggs in their ovaries.

When we are bitten by female mosquitoes, they may carry serious diseases…

It is found either in fermentation products (yeast, beer, vinegar, etc.) or in products that ripen (fruits, tomatoes, etc.)…

Mice have excellent vision in the dark that helps them find their food. In a period of 18 months, two mice can have 1 million offsprings

They feed on lizards, eggs, insects, rodents, worms and amphibians. There are many species of snakes and only a few are poisonous (venomous) and dangerous to humans. In our country, these snakes are the Viper and the Adder.

They are 2.4-3.6 mm long and can reach up to 8 mm when they have drunk blood…

Mite is a small arthropod and is classified under acari. It is the most diverse of the arachnids and is hardly visible to the human eye, as it is usually smaller than 1 mm in size…

It is a large and dangerous insect, as a person with allergy may die from its sting.

The venom in its sting contains a neurotoxin. Great caution is needed, because if it is threatened or disturbed it becomes very aggressive…

It infects furniture of any wood in conditions with relatively high humidity and temperature. Its presence is detected by small piles of dust (powder) in the wood…

Typically, they prefer to nest in south-facing balconies, in spots with objects (e.g. behind air-conditioning units) that provide them with protection, as well as in high apartment floors

Silverfish, or else little fish, is a wingless insect of the Thysanura order. We call it silverfish because of its silver color and because its movement resembles that of a fish…

The larvae weave cases with silky threads in the infected product and feed and grow in them.

Scorpions are animals that form the namesake order of arthropods and belong to the class of arachnids.
Scorpions have very thick claws and a thin metasoma.

Their size ranges from 0.7 to 1.5 mm. Their body is white, black or brown when nourished. They feed on blood and parasitize birds, mammals and humans.

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