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Building on the experience of its owner Konstantinos Stavropoulos in the field of disinfections since 1971, Adrakoil Hellas family business started its operation in 1981 with headquarters in Athens.

In 1999, after 18 years of research, specialization and many years of experience in the field, the company passed into the hands of the younger family members, who dared to modernize facilities and equipment, while expanding its activities to other service sectors.

Today, several years later, in the era of speed and information, we count years and customers, remaining flexible and enthusiastic. Customers who quickly capitalize on the positive effect of our proper internal organization, but mainly of our talent.

ADRAKOIL HELLAS, staffed by young and experienced people with creative spirit, offers integrated solutions from the design of a disinfection application program to its implementation.

Branded industries, chain stores, hotels, public services, but also thousands of apartment buildings in Athens, entrust us with the disinfection of their premises.

We have managed to turn the disinfection of any space into a completely harmless and unobtrusive process.

We stand out thanks to our experience, the right equipment, constant updating, quality, speed and reasonable prices.

Where others give up, ADRAKOIL HELLAS goes on for the result that will make a difference.

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