Germicidal disinfection

Germicidal disinfection


The purpose of germicidal disinfection is to kill or render uninfective pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, germs) which threaten human health by contaminating premises.

For the application, chemical substances or natural methods are used (e.g. temperature). A properly designed sanitary application, paired with thorough cleaning measures, results in the reduction of the microbial load that could create sources of infection which pose a risk to public health.


A permanent cleaning and disinfection schedule should be drawn up for each site, in order to ensure that all spaces and contact points (floors, walls, elevators, work benches, knobs, handrails, telephone devices, keyboards, etc.) are maintained at a high level of hygiene.

The cleaning process should precede disinfection.

The formulations we use are licensed by the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) and provide deodorization in addition to their disinfectant action.

For the disinfection application, we use the method of fogger, which is odorless.

This method allows us to combat the viral load on spaces, surfaces and objects effectively and safely, without causing damage to materials and objects.

After the application, the space remains closed for one hour.

The applications are carried out under the responsibility of a scientific expert (Public Health Inspector) of our company and an Agronomist, while at the end of the application a Certificate of Works is delivered.

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