What is Disinsectization?

Disinsectization is the process of exterminating all those insects that infect our homes or businesses and are harmful to both personal and public health.

Adrakoil Hellas implements the Integrated Pest Management (IntegratedPestManagementIPM). It entails the systematic collection and recording of all relevant information regarding an affected space, such as the type of pests, its size and the possible causes of infestation, the surrounding area, the environmental conditions, etc. , in order to design an integrated and specialized program that will include, on the one hand, the immediate action to combat the problem with the least negative impact on people and the environment, and, on the other hand, the required procedures and the corresponding measures to be taken so that the problem does not reappear, at the lowest possible cost.

The applications are carried out under the responsibility of a scientific expert (Public Health Inspector) of our company and an Agronomist, while at the end of the application a Certificate of Works is delivered.

Adrakoil Hellas is the most specialized company in Greece for bed bug control in residences, hotels, military camps, accommodation facilities, etc.

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