Bio-cleaning & Disinfection of Mattresses

Bio-cleaning & Disinfection of Mattresses

Our mattresses are home to microorganisms which are responsible for many diseases that afflict us in our daily lives -asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, migraines, allergies and much more. These microorganisms, such as mites, fungi, bacteria, are invisible to the naked eye and nest deep inside our mattresses and sofas. Their removal by simple everyday housekeeping practices, such as shaking, vacuuming, etc, becomes difficult.

The Bio-cleaning of mattresses and sofas with the method of pulse suction and simultaneous UVC disinfection (without chemicals) is the most appropriate method for cleaning (mattresses,compared to other methods (e.g. steam cleaning, bio-cleaning, etc.) which, due to the heat and moisture that they generate, instead of neutralizing the microorganisms that grow inside mattresses, they essentially lead to their nourishment and proliferation.

On the contrary, with the process of pulse suction, the complete removal of all microorganisms is achieved, without recycling dust and contaminating the room. At the same time, UVC disinfects the mattress -always without chemicals- and slows down the growth and reappearance of harmful microorganisms for quite a long time.

The applications are carried out under the responsibility of a scientific expert (Public Health Inspector) of our company and an Agronomist, while at the end of the application a Certificate of Works is delivered.

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