The life cycle of mosquitoes includes the egg, the larva , the pupa and the adult (female or male).
During the fertilization stage, females must take a blood meal to grow eggs in their ovaries. When we are bitten by female mosquitoes, they may carry serious diseases. Male mosquitoes are not a problem, since they feed on natural sugars, such as floral nectar.

For mosquitoes to exist, water is necessary, since larvae and pupae grow and survive exclusively in an aquatic environment. Main mosquito breeding sites in homes are cesspools, wells, small water pools in tree cavities, flower pot saucers, etc.
Mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water, and spend there the larval phase that lasts about 1 week and then the larval phase.


The mosquitoes are treated with simultaneous application of larvicide and extermination of the adults.

  • The control of larvae is the main method of disinsectization and is carried out with appropriate nontoxic larvicides.
  • For adulticide, we apply a spraying program at regular intervals, with approved residual insecticides mainly in outdoor areas (walls, trees, shrubs, etc.).0

It is necessary to identify the type of mosquitoes in order to choose the corresponding surfaces and the most appropriate time to spray.

To spray outdoor areas, we use special sprayers.

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