Chicken lice are the main type of lice found in the urban environment. They have four stages of development: the egg,the larva, the pupa and the reproductive adult insect. Their size ranges from 0.7 to 1.5 mm. Their body is white, black or brown when nourished. They feed on blood and parasitize birds, mammals and humans. They can grow large populations very quickly and can live up to 10 months without food.

Chicken lice are very annoying because of their very fast breeding rate.

Lice are particularly dangerous for both our pets and ourselves, as they are carriers of many diseases such as dermatitis, salmonella, etc.

They are found in places where pigeons nest and easily enter houses, while they are not easily perceived due to their tiny size.


They are treated with the use of disinsectization with special formulations in combination to mechanical-nontoxic methods, after a very good cleaning throughout the house.

The removal of the pigeons that bring them to the site plays a key role in their treatment. Thus, we make sure that there are no pigeon nests in the air-conditioning unit on the balconies and generally near our homes.

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