Fruit fly

Fruit fly

The fruit fly (or drosophila) often causes problems in professional and residential spaces. It is found either in fermentation products (yeast, beer, vinegar, etc.) or in products that ripen (fruits, tomatoes, etc.).

Their main characteristic is the red eyes. The head and chest are blackish in color, while the belly is brownish yellow with black rings.

It can smell food from a kilometer away, thanks to the tiny antennas on its head.

The antennas detect chemicals such as acetic acid which is released when fruits rot.

They are not only after smelly fruit, but also the microorganisms that cause this stench, such as fungi.

The female can lay up to 100 eggs per day, which hatch in 24 hours.

They are difficult to eliminate because, thanks to their range of vision (270 degrees), they perceive the attack from every angle and within 100 milliseconds.

Permanent elimination is achieved by placing a special bait in the form of a coating on their breeding sites, combined with meticulous cleanliness.

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